“The day I received these two books in the mail, my boys (ages 8 and 14) were with me. "Do you guys want to review some comic--" SNATCH! They snatched them right out of my hands. Immediately, I heard laughs. That's always a good sign. “For the next four days all I heard was laughter and the reading of whatever strip had caused the outburst, followed by "Mom, read this!"  "Mom, listen to this!"  Mom, look at this!"  The best strips were unintelligible because of all the gut laughter while trying to read it to me. “Finally, I got a turn. If you want to read something fun for the sake of fun, read the Carl, Ben...and Beeky collections. Seth Campos makes humor look easy. That ought to tell you how good these books are because being funny is a gift that not everyone has. Seth has a natural sense of timing and wit, and his set-ups resonate with children. Even adults will get a kick out of the series appreciating the sophistication (intelligent, but not sarcastic, and all G-rated) as much as the slapstick and silliness and plain old good-natured fun. “The fourteen year old's assessment: 1) It's FUNNY. 2) It's unique. There's no other comic strip out there like it with a boy, a bear with a coffee stand and a smart aleck bird. 3) It works! 4) It's awesome. “The eight year, who loves comics and is homeschooled, was impressed that Seth is also homeschooled and started Carl, Ben...and Beeky when he was eight.  Seth is now an immeasurable role model in our home and my youngest son votes 10 out of 5 + for these books. “Both boys are really excited about these books and so am I. Two thumbs up all around! We want to read more from Seth Campos.” - Biblio Reads Copyright © 2009-2014 by Mubby Books Back With a certain charm and innocence, Seth Campos gained quite a few fans with his first compilation of comics, "Welcome to Beeky Airlines". "Real Bears Eat Takeout: A Carl and Ben and Beeky Collection" is the followup of the work, continuing the adventures of the three as they embark on failed political endeavors, works of art, and deal with the common challenges of human-bear- bird relations. "Real Bears Eat Takeout" is a top pick for anyone looking for some fun and simple work with plenty of laughs. - Midwest Book Review Real Bears Eat Takeout has received the prestigious Editor’s Choice seal from IndependentPublishers.com Editorial Reviews of Real Bears Eat Takeout