What people are saying about Welcome to Beeky Airlines My 8-year-old grandson was so fascinated with the Beeky book that he chose to read it to his brother instead of playing with the other things he got for his birthday. Chet has taken it to school to share with his class and Owen, the 4-year old, frequently chooses it for bedtime reading. “Young visitors to the ForeWord office found this book right away; they recommend it for its humor. - ForeWord Magazine Read the full review “Aimed at all audiences, ‘Welcome to Beeky Airlines’ is a choice pick for those who want a comic with a family friendly appeal.” - Midwest Book Review Read the full review “As an unabashed comics enthusiast, it is always a pleasure for me to discover a new graphic novel or strip, and Welcome to Beeky Airlines is a great new addition to my shelf....A laugh riot, and a great peek into the inventive mind of its talented young creator - Keep 'em coming, Seth!” - BookPleasures Read the full review “’Carl and Ben...and Beeky’ is much better than the newspaper. It will become a long-lived classic like The Far Side and Peanuts...you can open to any page in the book and laugh. Seth should try to write for the Sunday comics.” - Eric O., 12 years old “I have thoroughly enjoyed [Welcome to Beeky Airlines] and am quite impressed with both [Seth’s] writing and drawing talents.” - John Marchione, Mayor of Redmond, WA “...[my 7-year-old daughter] LOVES LOVES LOVES Seth’s book. She hasn’t put it down yet and has been snickering all evening in her room. She was absolutely rolling with laughter over the spicy-chips-fire-breathing-WATER pages!” - Jennifer D, Sammamish, WA “[Welcome to Beeky Airlines] arrived in the mail when my [11-year-old] granddaughter was having a birthday party...The book disrupted the party because everyone stopped to read the book instead of having the party.” - Al E., who sent the book to his granddaughter in Tallahassee, FL “It’s better than reading the comics in the Sunday newspaper.” - John L., an adult who enjoys comics, Redmond, WA “As a 68-year-old ‘child at heart,’ I couldn’t put down this amazing book until I finished it with a big grin on my face. It is engaging, truly funny, and I am certain my four grandchildren (ages 11 to 4) will treasure it. Thank you for encouraging young talent, and Seth, thank you for being willing to share your talent and love of life with people young and old.” - Nancy H., Renton, WA “I’m buying the book for myself.” - A grandpa in Issaquah, WA “Seth’s book is wonderful! Very insightful for someone so young.” - Sue C., Chicago, IL Copyright © 2009-2014 by Mubby Books Back Chet (R) and Owen (L), of Portland, OR, enjoying Welcome to Beeky Airlines