Copyright © 2009-2014 by Mubby Books About Us Mubby Books began with a vision to publish the works of gifted young people, primarily ages 18 and younger, and to fill the gap left by publishers who want to publish only established authors. The population of gifted youth is potentially quite great and may lie quietly undiscovered... until someone recognizes and encourages the exploration, unfolding, and development of these gifts. Our desire is to promote the God-given talents that have graced so many of America’s youth. Our purpose is to publish materials that are appropriate for children and youth, and that promote literacy through content that is fun to read. Our books are directed first at the young reading audience, but are also enjoyable for readers of all ages. * * * * * * * Mubby Books believes that we don’t have to wait until we’re adults to realize the wellspring of talent within us. We can bless others with our gifts even when we are young. I believed. And that’s how Mubby Books started. Lucy Campos Publisher and Founder of Mubby Books